Learned helplessness and “Where am I?!?”

So what happened to this blog? Seemed quite quiet for a while….Well, the irony is that the lack of usability in WordPress kind of scared at least this author away. I tried to make a new post with a picture at least a couple of times following what I thought was logic, but it ended up pretty bad as one can see below. So I kind of got a bad beginning and was scared away. The information structure and links in WordPress seem to be caothic and lacking consistence. I experience as a User that I do not end up where I think I will end up and I do not get a clear sense of where I am. I more get the feeling of being in a labyrinth when I am in WordPress. This is not good. One important demand to a user friendly site or system, is to give consistent feed back to the user so that he can create a mental map of where he is and how the system is built and works. I must say that I am surprised that WordPress is lacking this since they have so many users. Also, it kind of adds to the confusion that it changes between 2 languages – some links are in Norwegian – others in English. Why? WordPress is making me feel a bit helpless as I have experienced that no matter what I try, I do not seem to get the desired result when trying to fx add a photo. Donald Normans talks about this as “Learned helplessness”. One clear method to make the users stay away – as this blog is a very good example of…

Well, since it is a new year I will give it a new try and see if I can get over my learned helplessness – time will show if I am able to!


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